First Edition


One of the most rewarding parts of writing a book is holding that first copy in your hands. I had this pleasure on Wednesday, when my proof copy of A Marble Heart arrived in the mail.

The book looks good in terms of layout, so I’m set to order more copies in time for the Jan. 1 release date. Until then, I still have some more decisions to make.

The first of these is what the book will cost. At present, I’m guessing $17 per copy, taking into account how much it costs to print (I won’t tell you) and how many I plan on purchasing to sell myself (so, so many).

Before you say this is too much to pay for a book, let me tell you that it will be available as an e-book, as well, and will cost a mere $2.99 on Amazon.

Also, this book is long. Four hundred fifty-seven pages, to be exact. So $17 isn’t all that much, really, in terms of size.

But, as I said before, there’s still about two weeks before Jan. 1 arrives. All I want to do now is hold the book, flip the pages and think to myself, ‘It’s finally done.’

Of course, I still have to sell the thing…

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